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LeadStream Call Centre fit-out

This fast-track fit-out included three meeting rooms, two offices and reconfiguration of the kitchen and an open plan call centre. Flooring in the ground floor reception was replaced to look smarter and we upgraded the lighting and ceiling tiles to make it brighter.

Value £100k
Completed 2018
Location Whiteley, Hampshire

We were introduced to the client and end user by an Agent that knows the Amiri team is able to deliver fast results in the fit-out sector as the client needed practical help with a cost plan for the establishment of a call centre on a new site urgently, having relinquished their lease on their current property. 

The client had a tight budget and was talking to another fit-out contractor about the work but was frustrated by the lack of open communication regarding design and cost - we started to engage more and look at things differently. 

Our cost planning and design advice created a proactive two-way dialogue – it was the only way the project would be able to maximise the cost value on such a tight budget. They could have taken all our advice and gone elsewhere but the open and honest communication on both sides built the trust the client needed to move forward. They asked us to stay on and deliver the project because they could see that we weren’t pulling the wool over their eyes.

We didn’t want to present design and material options that did not manage their expectations or would not meet budget requirements so we actually asked them what their budget was in the first meeting so that we could work with them to achieve it. They also told us it needed to be future-proof as they were about to undertake a recruitment drive to meet business growth demands.

As part of this engagement we introduced the client to a couple of new premises that that suited their needs, one of which they took an option on. We started the space planning exercise giving them five or six design and layout options that would meet their budget, making it clear why the options were presented as they were i.e. glass walls didn’t fit the budget.

There were lots of variations through-out the project. For example, we did the plumbing works in the kitchen which was ad-hoc so they didn’t have to get a plumber in themselves. We did little bits like this to make sure it was completely functional for them on move in day with no hassle and no down-time at the go-live stage.

No down-time was allocated in the programme – the day they went live they needed to be fully functional. The critical success factor was the infrastructure and fit-out specific to a call centre.

We delivered a £100,000 two-storey office fit-out in four weeks. Works not only included the fit-out but also the project management, cost plan and design. Facilities created included three meeting rooms, two offices and the reconfiguration of the kitchen. Flooring on the ground floor was replaced to look smarter and we upgraded the lighting and ceiling tiles to make it brighter – quick win solutions on a tight budget.

The project was completed on time and to budget with no down-time at the go-live stage. The client has seen the office support the business growth and they are more than happy with the results.

"The overall service that we received from Amiri was very good. We felt that the communication was good throughout the whole process. They delivered to our expectations and finished the job on time". Jennifer Grey, Office/Building Manager.

The overall service that we received from Amiri was very good
Jennifer Grey, Office/Building Manager