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Rosebourne Garden Centre

Redevelopment of a brownfield site and construction of a large single-storey garden centre of approximately 3,500m² and extensive car parking and landscaping incorporating a client fit-out team. The new building is on an existing nursery site and includes a modern farm shop, restaurant, butchery and plant centre. 

Value £4.1m
Completed September '18
Location Aldermaston

Living the project and realising the vision before we start on site is our pre-construction teams’ approach. We took the time to understand what would delight the client by visiting one of their existing branches to see how they use their facilities and the end-user brand experience and talked to the lead architect so we got to understand him and his vision for the project.

This engagement helped us to build understanding and rapport with those that had created the vision and to bring this energy to the construction phase.

Going above and beyond to make sure the project is successful for the client who had no access to mains water and electricity at the site due to provider delays. We helped the client to access appropriate supplies to ensure the project could start on time and the programme would not be delayed. With statutory authorities struggling to connect the building on time we were also able to fully commission and handover the finished building on temporary power and water supplies. 

Taking care of the environment and the community with over forty contractors on site dailyandall but one of the operatives living within 30 miles of the site. Ninety-four per cent of waste material was recycled or diverted from landfill (CCS report 30th May 2018), this included waste timber that was taken by a charity organisation (another Amiri Construction client) to reuse.

We raised the site levels in the temporary car park to reuse excavated material – this provided a cost saving as well as environmental benefits as the material did not have to be moved off-site.

Four-hundred Koi Carp were safely netted out and re-homed and Yellow legged mining bees living around the pond got new homes in invertebrate boxes installed in a secluded area close by. 

Bringing knowledge and know-how to achieve a better build with six miles of underfloor pipework required for the underfloor heating system, under a very large concrete slab that used Adfil polypropylene macro synthetic fibres in place of the traditional reinforcing mesh. The fibres are added to the mix prior to pumping forming a three-dimensional reinforcement system increasing the residual flexural strength of the concrete that will protect the pipes during laying and stop cracking of the floor.

The fibres also have a number of ecological and environmental key benefits as they are very light so reduce the carbon fibre transportation footprint, they are cost effective as they are far quicker to install than mesh, and from a Health and Safety perspective they require no cutting, manoeuvring and handling.

A Dutch contractor provided a prefabricated building built off-site and bolted together on site which only took 12 weeks to make air and water tight. The only thing cut on site was the insulated cladding panels. 

Good communication helped deliver a positive outcome when itwas clear that the client wanted early access to the building to fit-out we rescheduled the project programme so it was slightly out of sequence to the original but still finished at the original date to allow them safe access to areas to undertake the work they wanted to. 

Honest and open communication with the supply chain stopped issues forming particularly to support a supply chain member on this project that had an open and frank conversation with us about the cashflow challenges they were experiencing due to matters out of their control. Amiri purchased bulk material in advance to ease the pressure for them and ensure the project programme was maintained and that they could undertake the work successfully.

"We are very pleased with the way Amiri approached and delivered the project. We were kept fully informed at all stages and the project was delivered on time. The onsite management team were very efficient and we are happy to recommend Amiri as main contractor". Neville Prest, Managing Director, Rosebourne Garden Centre.

The onsite management team were very efficient
Neville Prest, Managing Director, Rosebourne Garden Centre