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Considering the fit-out of an occupied building?



1. What is the realistic budget?

This not only helps you set expectations but also allows your fit-out contractor to work openly with you and their supply chain to make sure you are getting the best from your budget.

2. What are the day-to-day activities that the space will be used for?

End user insight is vital when planning a fit-out project. Get a group of end-users together and ask for their feedback on what functionality they need, what they like about their current space and what could be improved.

3. What enhanced experience does your fit-out contractor have?

Your fit-out contractor should be up-to-date with the latest ideas and trends on space planning in your sector. Use this knowledge to enhance your design and maximise budget impact.

4. How long will this project take?

Asking this question early of your fit-out contractor will make sure that you can set expectations with the end-users. Make sure to also ask the end-user of their critical dates so you are planning the programme early with everyone’s needs in mind. Your fit-out contractor will be able to help plan supply chain input and suggest alternative methods and materials to make sure the project fits your timeframe.

5. What are the maintenance requirements of the end result?

When looking at finishes and fixtures you will not only need to think about aesthetics but also the practicality when the space is in use. You do not want finishes and fixtures that require a lot of maintenance or are expensive to replace. This can cause disruption and put pressure on budgets in the long run. Your fit-out contractor will be able to advise you of maintenance and replacement costs so you can make the right choices.

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For more information contact: James Wing on 07917 628 605 or email James on jameswing@amiriinteriors.co.uk

James Wing Interiors Manager

James joined Amiri Construction as an accomplished Fit-Out Manager to lead our Interiors Division.

The Amiri Interiors team is focused on fit out and refurbishment projects and maintains Amiri’s relationship and extensive experience in the special works and fast track sectors.